How to use Rank Math SEO

How to use Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO

First of all, we know what the best plugin for SEO is.
Most people use the Yosts SEO or Rank math SEO plugin, but I will only ask Rank Math SEO to do it.
Look, both of them are different that after downloading Yosts SEO, you have to generate a sitemap, robbert.txt file and also have to do search console. And neither sitemap generates nor has robote.txt file to be done in rank math SEO And search console also. Because this automatic creates everything.

Now we see in the video how to rank math SEO is done

1. The first thing is to download the rank math plugin to plugin & search Rank Math

2. Now all its instructions have to be followed. It has already been rank math SEO on mine.

3. When all your instruction will be filled, after that you can see your link counted, local SEO & google knowledge graph, schema (structure), search console, SEO analysis sitemap.

4. Now we edit tittle description.> First, we will go to the pages then edit

For example -My website is web design and digital marketing, provides services. So my title, description, page title h1, should be the same for the home page. And this process has to do all pages like service page, about us page, contact etc….And The most important thing main focus keyword must also be the same you can see these 3 types have given basic SEO, advance and title readability.

5. it’s not necessary to be our 100% on-page SEO It depends on our services, it is for every type of site like blogger, services, eCommerce, etc. So we will fill what we need you can see my 73% has been filled which fills the content I need.

Rank Math SEO faster SEO

Watch this video:-











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