What is ON-Page SEO ?

What is ON-Page SEO ?


Title Tag – There should be a page title regarding the page that you wanted to be rank for & must include the keyword so whenever searches by using that keyword your page will show in search engine result page and page title should match focus keyword, description & site tittle.

Description – you have to write a short description of the page, that what value you are going to deliver on this page. It helps visitors to decide whether it is a relevant page for them or not.

ON-Page SEO tittle-description|digitalindiapr

H1 tag – Its nothing but the heading of your article.

H2 Tag – It’s Subheading of your title.

Alt Text – It’s all about the text for your images uploaded onto your website.

alt text file| ON-Page SEO 

Loading Time – Loading time of the website should not exceed 5s, don’t upload too many images on the website and even if you do, then tack care that image resolution should be maintained.

Breadcrumbs – Its navigation for your website. The below-highlighted area is breadcrumbs of the site.

breadcrumbs| ON-Page SEO |DigitalIndiaPR

URL Structure Short URL gives a Positive sign to the visitors of your website.

Broken Link  Brocken link should be redirected to some other pages because the search engine does not like the Brocken link.

  • The site can’t be reached
  • Error 301 (Page removed permanently)
  • Error (500 Server internal error )

Site Map – Sitemaps can help Google to understand your website clearly. You can create a site map by using some free tools available over the internet and upload generated a site map to google search console.  You can also use Rank math SEO it’s simple Compare to Yosts SEO.

Robots.txt – Here you can allow and disallow the pages, you can also block this page which you dint want Google.

ON-Page SEO |robot,txt | DigitalIndiaPR

Content Checklist Content written on your page should be original, not to be copied from somewhere. search engine algorithm doesn’t like plagiarism.

Conclusion –


By the above article, it’s cleared that how much important SEO is. Mainly there are two factors i.e. On-Page and Off-Page which is going to affect the website to rank higher in search engine result.

  • ON-Page SEO factors will lie within your website.
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization refers to all the effects which need to be done apart from your website.WW

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